Order a painting of your Yacht

You can order a Watercolor or Acrylic on Canvas
How does it work?

First you email me or send me a message via the contact button.

Then when you have decided the size of painting you would like, we select photos from either your collection or from a yachting photographer. Your input is very important to ensure that you get the painting you want. We decide on an image or images that you want your painting drawn from, decide what kind of sea and sky you want, and whether there are any details, such as flags or burgees that you want added. Then you place an order with me and pay a 50% deposit. When the painting is finished I send you a digital image for you to proof your painting. When I recieve the balance of funds I then mail you the finished painting.
If you are not 100% happy with the painting I will repaint it for you. No one has ever been unsatified, but If you are I will return your deposit.

Standard sizes for watercolors are

11x15 $600
15x22 $900
22x30 $1100

Acylics. Prices vary according to size and complexity.

Paintings are shipped to you by Fed Ex or Registered mail. Prices do not include shipping.

Recent Commissions - Dione Star, Endeavour, Nimrod, Maggie B, Star Trail, Thalassi, Maximus, Titan XII, Maltese Falcon, Blue Yankee, Sheerness 43, Sheerness 42, Decision, Cygne, Allegra, Hinkley Picnic Boat,Dreamland, Vesper, Foftien, Fredrikstad, Night Owl, True, Hinkley picnic boat, OmShanti, Act One, Bandit, J24.